Essay about Analysis Of George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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Literary Analysis
The corruption inside shows Corrupt people who abuse their power often break their own rules. In the Russian Revolution a man by the name of Stalin assassinates Trotsky and becomes a powerful dictator. When Stalin gains complete control as dictator he abuses much of his power. The abuse of his power leads to many deaths and sufferings. The Revolution was inspired by Karl Marx who wanted a world where everything was equal and this lead to the novel Animal Farm. In the novel Animal Farm, George Orwell explores the dangers of the abuse of power through the characters Snowball, Farmer Jones, and Napoleon. One example of Orwell’s depiction of the dangers of the abuse of power involves the character Snowball. Snowball is a young boar with quick speech and a personality full of life. Snowball is left in charge of all the animals on the farm after Old Major, the head pig, passes away. In the novel Snowball represents Leon Trotsky who was overthrown and searched out by Stalin for a death sentence. In many sneaky events Snowball abuses his power as he is ruling the farm. The first way he abuses his power is when he and the other pigs set up the Harness Room. The Harness room was made into the headquarters for the pigs only, separating the pigs from all of the other animals and making them seem higher in rankings. Also when Snowball agrees with the other pigs to keep the apples for only the pigs, Orwell paints a picture of Snowball’s power being abused. The pigs…

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