Analysis Of George Frederickson 's Models For American Ethnic Relations

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Ethnic relations play an integral role in any society. In George Frederickson’s “Models for
American Ethnic Relations: A Historical Approach”, four basic concepts are outlined and described: ethnic hierarchy, one-way assimilation, cultural pluralism, and group separatism.While reading “From
Rez Life” and watching the film Crash, I found that there are similarities in ethnic relations styles.These works are similar in that they both exhibit ethnic hierarchy in many different fashions.
In Crash, the entire movie is essentially about the differing cultures and stereotypes of non- whites. Although there are several cultures represented, one stands out as being dominant: whites. This amounts to whites being atop the ethnic hierarchy.It is also more or less easy to define the hierarchy in the way that each of these “other cultures” are treated. Whites are the predominant group, but within the
“other cultures” there are horrible stereotypes used in attempts to boost each group up the ethnic ladder to the next available spot.
For example, in the film the Hispanic locksmith was racially profiled by the middle-eastern shopkeeper. When the locksmith went to repair the lock after the shopkeeper’s business was burglarized, the shopkeeper asked him to replace the door or call a friend who would, implying that all Hispanics are available for cheap labor. Inversely, the shopkeeper was stereotyped merely in the way his character was presented.It is believed by many that middle-easterners in…

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