Essay on Analysis Of Gasman 's ' Gasman '

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The short film Gasman, directed by Lynne Ramsay in the year of 1998, presents a tale of a father balancing a secret life between two families. The double family units have similar aged children, revealing to the viewer that the man started and continued the families simultaneously. Through the Christmas party preparations, the one family is revealed to be middle class or perhaps living in poverty as the mother helps the little eight girl Lynne dress up in new clothing as her brother, Steven, plays with toy car and appears resistant to attending the gathering. Children leave with their affectionate dad and meet up with a second family at the railroad tracks. The second family is unkempt and as Lynne expresses, “Look at the clothes they’re wearing, they look like tramps”. There are a variety of themes including “...sibling rivalry, lack of education, endemic poverty, unemployment, economic deprivation and social disenfranchisement and alienation...” (Spooner). The two families contrast economic standing which conflicts in their personal lives. Within the daughters and sons reaction to meeting, the characters express opposing attitudes to the guests their father brought along. The 15 minute film of Lynne Ramsay’s Gasman, presents the ideals of internal struggle and whether it is better to be oblivious to the truth or be knowledgeable of adultery committed. The film highlights a variety of elements such as cinematography, editing, sound, narrative form. Within this film, there…

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