Analysis Of Friends And Criminal Minds

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Aspyn didn’t think anything to exciting would happen today. She thought that it was just a normal day, and she would spend most of the day inside watching Friends or Criminal Minds like she usually did. It was when she checked the weather online and realized how beautiful it was outside. She didn’t want to miss out on any episodes of Criminal Minds so she brought out her Ipad with her and some headphones and started tanning outside. Aspyn was really focused on the crime scene that was going on until she noticed an unfamiliar truck parked outside. She noticed a very attractive man taking out Boxes from the back of the truck. He was wearing tight skinny jeans, a band t-shirt and a fedora holding his perfect curls together. Aspyn soon realized …show more content…
“No.” Parker simply answered. Aspyn just looked at him with complete and utter shock. “If you continue wasting your time, wondering about the meaning of life, you are simply just not living. Living is the meaning of life. You are obviously here to live, so live. Stop thinking of something that’s just going to destroy your thoughts and live. Just live damn it.”
Aspyn starred at this beautiful boy in her bed and thought about his words for so long. Parker was perfect. He talked in ways that Shakespeare couldn’t even compete with. Over the past few weeks she realized his words were simply beautiful, just like
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She was currently laying on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother with her new boyfriend Luke. She couldn’t dare to watch Criminal Minds or Friends with someone who wasn’t Parker. She couldn’t live in the same house where she met Parker. It was all too hard, but Aspyn was finally starting to be happy again. She had a loving boyfriend and a nice house in a quiet and safe neighborhood. She was back at school and was one year away from getting her degree. Aspyn of course still got sad, but doesn’t everybody? People always tell Aspyn that she should feel like a "shitty person" for moving on so fast or that she should be proud of herself. She did feel guilty for replacing Parker but she was also proud of herself for finding happiness again after all these

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