Essay on Analysis Of Frederick Douglass 's Writing

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Throughout human history, education has been, by far, one of the most important pillars of human life. With education, people gain knowledge, awareness, and skills, in which they become capable of success and achieving their ambitions. In addition, technology has played an essential role in enhancing and developing the educational process. Frederick Douglass, in his essay “Learning to Read”, describes his extraordinary tale from an uneducated slave to a prominent writer of his time. A critical point to note is that during his time period, the most advanced form of educational technology was the pen and paper. As such, the entirety of Douglass’s future rested on his ability to master this technology. With this in mind, the power of technology plays an immense role in the development of cadets for their time in the Academy, the Army, and society, and is an important topic of consideration for the Dean and the Academic Board. The mastery of technology plays an exceedingly important role in the development of the cadets, which is most certainly an important topic of discussion between the Dean and the Academic Board. To begin, it prepares cadets to succeed in the Academy that incorporates technology into its educational process. Technology plays a powerful role in affecting what and how people learn. In the case of Frederick Douglass, this can be seen in his mistress’s ferocious reaction to when she saw him in hand with a newspaper during a time when he was no longer allowed…

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