Analysis Of Frederick Douglas 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Slavery in America was a very cruel form of work, in which many did not have the option but to work as slaves, for example Frederick Douglas, who was born to Harriet Bailey (a former slave), did not get that option, although he was born to a “white man” who was whispered to be his to be his master, (Narrative pg. 20) by law Douglas had to follow the condition of his mother who was a previous slave (Narrative pg. 21). Douglas starts off doing simpler work because of his young age, but as he grows older , he is forced to do more difficult and brutal work. Douglas also grows wiser and plans his successful escape to New York, which would occur “on the third day of September, 1838” (Narrative pg. 112). In the following paragraphs I will explain why, what, and how Douglas led to his escape, and what he did once he was free.
Douglas went through many hard times as a slave which gave him many reasons to pursue his desire to be free, Frederick’s first example would be his claim on the unfairness of white children being able to tell their age, but he couldn 't, the reason for that was that slave owners wanted to keep slaves ignorant, therefore prohibiting them from any source of knowledge as well as their age. (Narrative pg. 19) Douglas also describes two tragic events in his life, which showed him the cruelty that went on from slavery, the first event occurred at a very young age when he first witnessed the awful beating of Aunt Hester by Captain Anthony, “It struck me with awful…

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