Analysis Of ' Fat Pig ' Essay

835 Words Mar 10th, 2016 4 Pages
In today’s society everybody is put into cliques that we aren’t supposed to wander out of. In Fat Pig they used Helen’s weight to put her in a different category from Tom, but beyond that we use religion, political affiliation, career, and social class to group people. It is incredibly difficult to have a relationship or even a friendship with someone who does not fit into our box. When we pursue these friendships and relationships we are confronted with a lot of difficult decisions. I experienced this when my best friend did not fit in with my regular group of friends, when I dated someone that was not like the other guys I dated, and when I tried to fit into groups I did not belong in. My best friend’s name is Haven and we have exactly one thing in common, reading. We bonded in 4th grade over our love of books and became close friends quickly. Unfortunately, that is where the similarities ended. Going into high school we never had friends in common. I was friends with the athletes, being an athlete myself, and she bonded with her fellow band mates. Haven was and is an amazing friend to me but in high school I was not sure how to be a good friend to her. She always listened to bands like My Chemical Romance, wore a lot of black, and was not concerned with her appearance. My friends listed to Taylor Swift and always did their best to look like models. Unfortunately, I treated Haven the way Tom treated Helen in Fat Pig when he kept her hidden from his friends. I kept Haven…

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