Analysis Of Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury Essay

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Paper #2: A Critical Analysis of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Corruption by the government has caused the society in Fahrenheit 451 to be in a crisis. Lack of knowledge enables ignorance in Guy Montag 's society. Books contain great knowledge and ideas that inspire. This unfortunately, is a threat to the government, which explains why the burning of books was the only reasonable solution to keep the government in power, because it 's much easier for the government to enforce and control an uneducated, unknowledgeable society, rather than an insightful, intelligent one. When people read, they learn, and when people learn, they ask questions and make inferences. Allowing people the access of books enables them to question their own society, and therefore possibly defy it, or seek ways to change it. Both of these interfere greatly with the government 's real agenda, which is to gain and maintain as much wealth and power as possible.
The society portrayed in Fahrenheit 451 is an honest example of a corrupt society that has it 's people trained like dogs. Curiosity is looked at as dangerous in Guy 's world, which ultimately is why he almost gets exiled, and not on his own terms. Freedom and happiness aren 't topics of discussion, they resemble a loss of loyalty to the government. The relationship and correlation between books and happiness and books and freedom are entirely destructive, which is why all books must be burned. It may seem too obvious as to why Fahrenheit…

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