Analysis Of Facebook 's Default Settings Essay

1044 Words Nov 8th, 2015 5 Pages
Facebook’s default settings in its new features createsd a lot of issues as it related to behavioral profiling, privacy policy settings or targeted ads, timeline sharing, or video of your years with Facebook, etc. For a new featured added, Facebook should not enable automatic sign-up that changes user`s privacy settings without their permission. Apart from data retention policies, the private settings that enables or disables the sharing of users personal data without the knowledge of users should strictly be avoided. When updating and publishing new privacy features, Facebook should disclose all the related information in the order that may be of interest to users. When they updated the private features in 2009, they did not disclose the fact that by default the setting had been reset to make publicly available a variety of personal information, including name, picture, and location, gender, and friends list. This led to a firestorm of complaints and protests. These kind of incidents will tarnish reputation and trust from consumers. The step taken is unethical due to the fact that they did not clearly inform about the default setting. Majority of the users will not read all the policy documents. Most of them get to know about the most highlighted and information discussed by media or friends. They were not acting as a socially responsible firm. Facebook should act in a morally right way. Whenever they release a new feature, the feature specific details and any changes to…

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