Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's ' Yellow Wallpaper, And The Walt Whitman Selections

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Literature has a way to reshape our imaginations, broaden our horizons, and teach us stories and lessons we may never have otherwise learned, or, if so, in rather painful and unpleasant ways. However, some forms and stories in literature definitely have more of an impact upon us, as well as have deeper meanings and more layers. The three texts the most important to me from the first semester of studying in McGee’s class were definitely Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the Emily Dickinson selections, and the Walt Whitman selections. Yellow Wallpaper by Gilman was an incredibly intriguing and intellectual piece of literature which had many layers, was incredibly important for the time period, and had an impact on me personally. This story is written with many unbelievable but beautiful construed layers, and also had a large impact for the feminist movement at the time. Many male readers at the time at first found the story ridiculous and even stupid, but after she told them to reread it, they realized hidden meanings that a female had been able to write without them even understanding upon the first reading. They were so offended by this story that they felt it needed to be banned, and were afraid it might give other women ideas. It was so offensive because of the implications behind the story, not the literal story itself. Such implications included the idea of breaking free from society and men. It demonstrated that men could and would hold a woman back, and…

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