Essay on Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's Poetry

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During the mid 1800’s in the town of Amherst in Massachusetts, lived a woman would one day be known as one of the greatest poets of America. This woman was Emily Dickinson born to a prominent family attended Amherst Academy. Dickinson grew up as a social and outgoing girl, but as she approached her thirties she became more reclusive and spent most of her time locked away in her room. During this time she spent in her room she was able to write many very short poems. However, most of her poetry was not discovered until after death when she left them around her room in fascicles, or the papers tied into little bundles. This poetry she created was very comparable to Walt Whitman and had a certain style that no other writer had experimented with before. Most people consider her poetry as freestyle approach of human nature and sciences, and is noted in several different analysis of her, “…Dickinson well understood the flaws inherent in the scientific and empirical approach to otherworldly experience. Yet one of her chief strengths as a writer--a feature largely ignored by her critics--remains her daring and original use of science,” (Orsini). Many have interpreted her poetry in several different ways and have been able to detect several different meanings within her poetry. The poetry of Emily Dickinson in both the packet and the literature book presents several different meanings of human understanding as unlimited, as limited, and the view of the individual self in the poems…

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