Essay on Analysis Of Eli 's ' The Sisters Brothers '

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In this passage of The Sisters Brothers, Eli Sisters follows a female into her room as she invites him in. “But there were no flowers and niceties, no silk or perfume, no lady things hung with a lady’s decorative hand;” (p. 63) Is stated as Eli is surprised by how it isn’t what he would have expected, following ladylike stereotypes of being clean, orderly and feminine. Eli and the female continue to do some work as Eli later offers her to sit on her bed with him, and talk. They speak about multiple things, including Eli’s attempts to be nice to her and ease her into a kiss as she discretely rejects him “I stood and moved in close to her, asking if I might steal a kiss, but she claimed once again to be hurried” (p. 66), but most crucial being when the female finds out who Eli and his brother are, as she is surprised and intimidated by them. “Oh, oh my” (p. 66) she states as Eli tells her that him and his brother are Eli and Charlie Sisters.

The characters in this passage clearly reflect a link to the gender stereotypes commonly displayed in other forms of media, including Eli’s actions displaying classic male instincts trying to get with the female all the time, acting very kind and sweet toward her but then seemingly forcing her to come sit with him to talk to her. “‘I should be getting back to my work.’ ‘Am I not a guest here? You must entertain me, or I will write reproachful letters to the chamber of commerce.’” (p. 65) In this quote Eli clearly states his intents to…

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