Analysis Of Educ 705 Esl Methods Reflection Wheel Journal Essay

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Reflection Wheel Journal

Name: Abby Stanfield Date: November 6, 2016
Course Name: EDUC 705 ESL Methods Reflection Wheel Journal #2

Event(s)/Behavior(s): 15 points This past year I had a “Wow” experience when a group of my CLD students did not understand sequential terms. As a fourth grade instructor, we teach sequence by using transitional words in writing and identifying time order when reading. When I teach sequence by using transitional words, I create an anchor chart that groups different sequence words. The lesson is very similar to a gradual release. I model how to write using the different words. Next, students work in groups to write a paragraph using sequence words. When done, students work independently trying to write using the terms. When doing a formative assessment on the progress of my students, I noticed that many CLD students were struggling using the terms correctly. I also noticed many of my CLD students struggled understanding different sequential words when reading in small groups. When CLD students were asked to find “What happened before…” or “What happened after…” their answers were vague and often not correct. Students were unable to locate the information in their text to answer the sequence question.

Feelings: 10 points

Thoughts: 15 points When my students were unable to write using sequence terms, I first thought something was wrong with them. I thought my lesson…

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