Essay about Analysis Of Edgar Allen Poe 's ' Annabel Lee '

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Edgar Allen Poe is well-known for his stories of mystery, death and horror in American fiction. He creates genres of different stories and captures every reader and gives them something to imagine. He is also known as “The Father of Detective Stories” because he plays fact and fiction together so well. Poe’s poem, “Annabel Lee,” describes his favorite topic which is death. The name of the poem, “Annabel Lee,” is added to the list of dead women that Poe refers to in his real life. Annabel is very young in this story and the age is a similarity in Poe’s life because of his wife being thirteen when he met her. The poem shows child-like ways and also gives the older audience a view of romance. Poe illustrates the childhood love for Annabel to be more eternal and compassionate than those who are older and wiser. Poe shows off the youthfulness of love and gives it much credit in this poem because children aren’t as complicated and their use of emotions are simple. Although, the poem gives you an idea of romance between two characters, the locations and places are of loneliness and gothic elements. “The kingdom by the sea” where Annabel lived is portrayed as very mysterious. The location gives off a romantic atmosphere until Annabel’s death and a tomb or as referred in the poem, a “sepulcher” is placed by the sea of where she lived. The “sepulcher” gives off a horrific image of the death of Annabel, but love is still remaining within the poem. “The angels, not half so happy in…

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