Analysis Of ' Donald Trump 's The Republican Party Front Runner

1029 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
The primary elections for presidential candidates are drawing closer every day, as is the tension between the two main political parties and between the same-party adversaries. Donald Trump, the Republican Party front-runner and dominating business-man has been a touchy subject of late, mostly due to his blunt and sometimes tactless strategy. He who was once expected to last only a few months as a serious candidate is now one of the two candidates from either party with the biggest lead. This has led to some hot debates online and in the news, and recently many opponents and staunch Trump-haters have been comparing Trump to Hitler. In the December 3rd issue of The Arizona Republic, cartoonist Steve Benson addresses what these accusations mean for Trump’s multitude of supporters. While there are clear connections and harrowing evidence between Trump and Hitler, I contest the idea that all his supporters are as despicable as the front-runner himself.
In the editorial cartoon titled “Donald Trump’s Nazi army,” Steve Benson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for The Arizona Republic, in USA Today, is commenting on the recent and semi-explosive comparison by rivals that Donald Trump, the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, is very similar in reasoning and power to that of Nazi war criminal, Adolf Hitler. Benson asks in his short commentary on his piece that if Trump is Hitler incarnate, then what does that say about his supporters? The drawing style and color…

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