Analysis Of Donald Trump 's First Republican Primary Debate Essay

732 Words Aug 7th, 2015 3 Pages
The much anticipated first Republican primary debate is now officially behind us. As expected, it was colorful, amusing, at times intense, and at moments downright awkward. Overall, I wasn’t horribly impressed by any of the contests. Still, there were definitely winners and losers. I thought I’d share my thoughts on how each candidate performed.

Donald Trump – Leading up to the debate, I was enjoying the mass butthurt delivered by the Trump train. The current state of affairs, in US politics is abysmal, and it was nice seeing someone rustle the feathers of those on the left and right. However, at this point and after last night, I’m finding Donald downright depressing. His lines have grown stale, as have his non-existent policies and poor command of the English language. While I do think a few questions from the commentators were inappropriate (his twitter account & bankruptcy) -- his lack of coherency reflected someone either profoundly stupid or arrogant. Considering his background and business success, I assume the latter. Either way, I think it’s time for the Donald to hang up his boots.

Scott Walker – Walker had a few decent moments, but otherwise, he lacked the flair and charisma someone with his background would need to get the ticket. His response to the Planned Parenthood/abortion question will likely register well with Christian conservatives, but I find it unlikely Walker doesn’t drop in the polls.

Jeb Bush – I can’t help but feel bad for Jeb Bush. There’s…

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