Analysis Of Don Delillo 's White Noise Essay

1109 Words Jan 29th, 2015 null Page
Supermarkets are a familiar place for many; it is where we purchase items that fulfil our most primal needs and where we explore through products that catch our attention with their packaging or advertisements and almost never with their usefulness. There are aspects of the shopping experience that are hidden from the eyes of the average costumer but carry weight in the way in which they shape and guide our culture. The supermarket in Don Delillo’s White Noise is portrayed as a spiritual place where characters, like Jack Gladney and Murray, go to discover their identity and face their deepest fears. This is a critique of the culture of consumerism that measures the worth of an individual on the basis of their commodities and possessions. The book observers and reflects upon the reality of the mystical experience of shopping at the supermarket. The way it shapes and reflects a persons identity and status in the world of materialism portrayed in the novel. The way it grants the characters in the book a trivial understanding of their deeply rooted fear of death. The supermarket is the soul and centre of Blacksmith. Supermarkets offer a wide range of food products that are the same in ingredients but differ in presentation, and these differences make a statement based on the size, colour and brand of the product. The culture of consumerism that dictates the lives of Jack and Murray has converted their most primal experience, buying food for survival, into a superficial…

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