Analysis Of Die Mörder Sind Unter Uns

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Die Mörder sind unter uns, directed by Wolfgang Staudte, is a beautiful example of German Expressionism resurfacing after World War 2 as a coping mechanism for German society. It uses an extraordinarily interesting plot structure in order to fulfill this goal. I argue that the open ending of Staudte’s Die Mörder sind unter uns is the continuation of the entire film’s plot structure which, while technically linear, has certain circular elements. It follows the general theme of the protagonists experiencing a period of sorrow and trial, then a period of joy, which is then followed by a passage of time. This cycle repeats several times, each time while building on the previous cycle(s). This formula (sorrow, joy, time, repeat) enhances the film’s …show more content…
I interpret it in the larger context of the entire storyline as a direct mirror of real life as a cycle of ebbs and flows, where all human beings go through alternating periods of sorrow and joy and gain wisdom and knowledge throughout their experiences. In addition to this pattern mirroring each individual’s life, it also strongly mirrors German society’s mass identity before, during, and after both World Wars. Simplified, the German people began with a period of joy prior to WW1 when Germany flourished under the rule of King Wilhelm 1 and the guidance of Otto von Bismarck Germany then experienced a period of sorrow during and immediately after WW1, which was followed by a very short passage of time and recovery. Germany must have then experienced a second period of joy and hope with Hitler’s promises of unity and a restored Germany, which was then crushed during a period of sorrow with the realization of Hitler’s evil and corruption and the horrors of World War 2. This would be followed by a certainly difficult recovery aided by the passage of time. The reason I find the open ending to be so beautiful is because I believe it is Staudte’s way of telling the German people that they will recover and they will find joy

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