Analysis Of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

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What is it about : Diary of a Wimpy Kid is about this kids life. His name is Greg Heffley, Greg is a weird kid his friend Rowley is even weirder but that weirdness is why they're friends. They both like the same stuff but they there differences to . But they will always be best of friends and and always have each others back

Now with the book, it starts with Greg gets all these hand me down from Rodrick his older brother. When Rodrick was four and Greg was two days old. Greg sleep in a Dresser wail Rodrick sleep in his crib. Then Greg got Rodricks crib and Rodrick got a new bed.Greg got Rodricks Bear, Bibi and Rodrick binky.

This part is about how Manny, Greg’s little brother get new stuff as a kid. When Manny is born he get this nice
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Greg is the manager.what Greg does is ask his Uncle that lives at the house if he can borrow a box of his all white shirts his Uncle says yes. That night he wrights single letters on the shirts and they get in order and it should say “ VOTE ROWLEY JEFFERSON FOR SOCIAL CHAIRPERSON.Rowley make president in the social chairperson because no one signed up for it he was the only …show more content…
Then his uncle say you have to ask the girl in person Greg was like ok. He goes his lab partner at the time they were dissecting a frog he thot it was nasty so he keep gagging but not in front of her. Then after class he goes to try to ask her but he thing of the fish and start to gag again and she walks away

Then he asks again for his uncle's advice he say you need a sidekick so he ask Rowley so Rowley just walk up to girls and say like omg Greg look strong but the girls didn’t care so they just keep talking to the other girls ignoring Rowley.

So then Greg thot that he should get a girl that goes to his church and greg parents invite the girl parents to dinner every thing going go and greg mom tell her mom how they went on a trip the girls mom say we can’t do that we don’t have a baby sitter Greg say he will so they let his he only did it so he could talk to the

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