Analysis Of Describe Bedrest And Its Effects On The Human Body

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Proper citation of the images was used and the photos showing equipment or products in this the presentation does not constitute a product endorsement by the presenter.

The conclusion of this presentation was determined solely by the presenter.

Write your name on the top of the paper provided and answered the following questions:
1. Do you think that early mobilization of critically ill patients is safe?
2. What are the perceived barriers of early mobilization?
3. Who should be included in the implementation of this program and why?

At the conclusion of this presentation, the participants will be able to:
Describe bedrest and its effects on the human body
Define the meaning of ICU-acquired weakness
Identify the safety and barriers to early
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According to Hodgson et al.(2014, p. 23), the ICU mobility scale has a strong inter-rater reliability as a standardarized measuring tool.

A study by Toccolini et al. (2015, p. 655e4) pointed out that using a tilt table is a safe early mobility device with the following benefits:
Improved level of consciousness
Increased inspiratory muscle strength
Patients are removed from the ventilator sooner
Stimulates the body’s sensory modalities

Kho et al.(2015, p. 1419.e3) believe that in-bed cycling is an assuring technology to enrich rehabilitation of critically ill patients.
Recommended treatment time
20 minutes 5x/day to increase quadriceps force
Nursing can be trained to use this mobility device
No adverse effects with proper supervision

Motomed Viva
Appropriate for upper and lower extremities endurance exercises
Maybe use as a passive, active-assistive, active and resistive training device

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