Essay on Analysis Of David Trip 's ' Kasich Defiant As G.o

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We begin with Gabriel Trip’s, "Kasich Defiant as G.O.P. Presses Him to Quit Race to Thwart Trump." This article tells us of Republicans hopes for Kasich to drop out of the race and back Sen. Ted Cruz. It is believed by Republicans that Sen. Cruz has a better chance at beating Donald Trump in the presidential race than Kasich does. However, Kasich has refused to pull himself from the race stating “[…] he, not the Texas senator, was the best option to stop Mr. Trump.” (Paragraph 2) This argument seem to not hold weight after the voting on Tuesday, March 22 where he received no delegates in either Utah or Arizona. While many of those choosing to back Cruz have a closer ideology with Kasich they have made the decision to support Sen. Cruz in their beliefs he is the better candidate to defeat Donald Trump. Kasich argues he is able to win “[…] in most of the remaining states, not those who identify as ' 'very conservative ' ' or evangelical, who have been Mr. Cruz 's base of support.” (Paragraph 11) Mr. Kasich knows he has no hope of becoming the nominee by winning delegates, what he believes will take place, is that Trump will also not have the delegates needed to secure the nomination and he can win the nomination through the national convention. Although, for Mr. Kasich to have his name entered on the ballot by the national convention he would have to when eight states; which has not yet taken place.

My thoughts are, I can sympathize with the Republican Party in thinking…

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