Analysis Of David Mccullough And Retells The Events Of The American Revolution

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1776 was written by renowned author David McCullough and retells the events of the American Revolution. The book closely follows George Washington as he commands the American army through the hardships that they faced in these times. Both Washington and his soldiers dealt with harsh conditioning which lead to low morale. This sense of overall gloom contributed to the departing of many of the soldiers in the war and some even took weapons or other trinkets of war as collateral for their time spent. Washington is seen today as a outstanding general and the main reason for the overall victory of the independence of America but at the time he was seen as unfit for such a high possession in the army that would be leading a Revolution against the British Empire. Even his fellow officers at time questioned decision making and overall eligibility for his rank because of his poor choices during the war which caused many dire situations for the American troops, but despite this they managed to pull together and achieve victory through all of it.

The Battle of Lexington 1775, the battle that sparked the revolution and would soon be known as the "Shot heard around the world" was the first battle where the British and the Americans faced off in the village of Lexington Green. Both armies halted fire until a unidentified shot was fired. That single shot lead to a barrage of fire to be exchanged from both sides of the field, outnumbered the the colonists retreated leaving the British to…

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