Fairy Castle Research Paper

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When I think of magic, the first things that pops up in my head are fairy tales, folklore, and legends. For hundreds of years, tales and legends have been told and re-told to different audiences around the world. Travelers would share the stories that they had previously heard and they would either tell it exactly as they heard it or they would add to the story or change it in order to make it a completely different story. Each tale brings a different perspective of another tale which demonstrates all the endless possibilities of how many times if could have had been told, which in my opinion it adds more mystery behind the real story. These tales were later engraved in a miniature castle that Colleen Moore creates in the year 1935. Colleen’s Fairy Castle depicts the idea of magic by illustrating different settings from various well-known fairy tales and legends.
Colleen Moore was a famous American actress during the silent film era. Appearing in over 60 films, Colleen was a well-known fashion icon and she was also known for influencing the Bob haircut. Although her love for acting was strong, her true passion remained on miniatures and doll houses. Colleen’s father encouraged her to pursue her passion for doll houses
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Behind a glass window, the $500,000 fairy castle stands around 8 feet tall and contains about 1,500 or more miniature pieces within the castle. Before it became an exhibit at the museum of Chicago, the fairy castle was traveling the world on a tour. Colleen created the tour to help raise money for children’s charities. While on tour, the castle traveled to many big cities within the United States and was able to raise more than a quarter of a million dollars for charities. Not only did Colleen’s castle help raise money for charities but it also was able to entertained children of different ages and help them further expand their

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