Analysis Of Cj 's Brewery Company Essay examples

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Company Overview

Carey John founded CJ’s Brewing Company in 1997. “CJ’s is all about brewing Michigan made beer, single-handedly and offering a variety of delicious beer-friendly dishes made with the freshest hops and ingredients” (CJ’s Brewery, 2015). Restaurants in the corporate organizations demand a specific hierarchy of positions in order to cater to all the emerging needs of the customer service business. The primary purpose of the case study is to present CJ’s Brewing Company’s business structure, leadership and management style, and how to increase productivity.

Current Business Structure & Management

CJ’s Brewing Company has many levels of management to maintain smooth business operations. In order for a restaurant to function well, there are very specific staffing needs that are required. Most staff that work in the restaurant business often take on several roles in smaller establishments, however most restaurants generally have the same basic structure. The organizational structure is intended to execute an arrangement of obligation and responsibility, with an unmistakable hierarchy of leadership. CJ’s brewery is considered a corporate company, given that they own an intermediate chain of restaurants and pizza places out of state. The owners are the ultimate decision maker, responsible for the business finances, and accountable for the direction of business. The owners of CJ’s have high expectations for the general manager to pass down…

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