Analysis Of Christine Vitrano's Meaningful Lives

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Life has meaning

Was our life a meaningful one? As people lay on their deathbed, this question will come to mind and potently consume them. They want to know if their actions had an impact to the world, if their life had value. That what they did helped others in some way or if their time here was a waste of a soul. No matter what people 's final good vs. bad list comes to, their life was meaningful because it had an impact. All life is meaningful no matter what you have done.

All life has some form of impact in relations to others. It could be from the simple hello to becoming the Pope. If this impact was taken out of the equation of life, then results would have ended up differently than with the impact in. If you did not work in a job, then that
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We, as a bystander to their life, cannot judge their values against our own. This brings in James Rachels piece "The challenge of Cultural Relativism" stating " ... the dangers of assuming that all our preferences are based on some absolute rational standard." (Rachels 64) The second part states " ... keeping an open mind." (Rachels 65) These are key to understanding a person and how they find a meaningful life. What you personally think has no meaning or value, may be the greatest thing another human may have done in their life. We cannot judge a another human 's life for its value because we are not them. Wolf fails to have an open mind that the simple things a person does will create a meaning life. She fails to understand the inherent value it cn hold to its owner. Wolfs understanding and criteria to way a meaningful life will always fall short if another person is holding your scale. This is the inherent nature of humans to have differing values of

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