Analysis Of Chris Crowe 's Mississippi Trial Essay

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The 1950’s was a time of fear for African Americans in the southern part of the United States. This was a time of segregation and racism. African American Americans always had to be careful what they did and said for fear of violence and/or even death. The Author, Chris Crowe of Mississippi Trial, 1955 was accurate in his depiction of the setting, characterization, and conflict of the southern United States in the 1950’s. Mississippi, United States in the 1950’s was a time of racism and violence due to segregation. The 50’s were full of fear for the African Americans. They always had to watch their backs and watch what they say for fear that they would get hurt (Crowe 124). In the book people whites picked on African Americans all the time. In the 50’s African Americans were expected to work and people thought thought that was what they were meant for. (Crowe 16). Segregation was targeted mostly at african americans, “In practice, the services and facilities reserved for african americans provided lower quality of service than those reserved for whites…”(Daley 1). Segregation was big in the south and African Americans were definitely not treated well. There were several forms of segregation in the south, “Maintenance of segregation came in a variety of forms…” (Daley 1). Mississippi 1950’s was an important time and place full of racism and violence. The one main setting in the book Mississippi Trial is in Greenwood Mississippi. Most white men had more power over the…

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