Analysis Of Cesaire 's Stages A Trail Of Humanity Essay

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The situation which Césaire creates is a trial of humanity where he claims that colonization has caused thingification; thus, his urgency, to prove colonialism a crime. Césaire’s stages a trail of humanity. “Europe is indefensible…And today the indictment is brought against it…on a world scale, by the tens and tens of millions of men who, from the depths of slavery, set themselves up as judges.” (32). Césaire sets the trial with his opening statement, “Europe is indefensible”. The italicized text places emphasis on what Europe really is and emphasis on the Césaire’s tone. He is describing Europe’s incapability to “justify itself either before the bar of ‘reason’ or before the bar of ‘conscience’” (31). Saying that they have nothing to show for the good in colonialism or morally have nothing humane to show. Thus setting a tone of confidence and aggression because Césaire knows the crimes Europe is guilty for and the degree of cruelty in their crimes. He further stages the trial by distinguishing the roles for the defendant, prosecutor, judge, and the charged crime. The defendant is Europe who is charged with the crime of “indictment” is the dehumanization of the colonized under the pretense of creating a civilization. The “judges” or audience are the “millions of men who” have encountered and suffered “the [extreme] depths of slavery” due to colonialism. The prosecutor or speaker is Césaire who has “been asked to speak about colonization and civilization” (32). It is…

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