Analysis Of Caryl Churchill 's ' Cloud 9 ' Essay

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Research Paper: Cloud 9
“Cloud 9”, a play written by Caryl Churchill in 1979, is composed of two acts and focuses in a colonial British family who lives in Africa during the Victorian Era. The central theme explores the search for identity and social struggles that this family is facing. Such themes have a similarity to the society during the time that the play was written and it also can be related to the time in which we are currently living.
“Joshua. My skin is black but oh my soul is white. I hate my tribe. My master is my light.
I only live for him. As you can see, what white men want I want to be” (Churchill 6).
This quote is recited by a young African boy, who despites his ethnic background and displays his desire to be part of a white family. In 1979, Racism was a big issue in the United States. During that time, African Americans were discriminated against and practically treated as slaves; not only African American but also immigrants. As Joshua, whose main goal was to fit in with the white society, there were some movements during the time, as “Rock Against Racism”, who were still seeking for the same goal and fighting for the African American equality. Even though today racism is not as big as it was, we still face the same issue, for example the shooting of black citizens by the police, and other movements that still fighting for the black citizen’s rights as “Black Lives Matter”.

Here is a photo of Rock Against Racism…

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