Analysis Of Byron 's Heaven And Hell By William Blake Essay

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Byron’s Heaven and Hell

William Blake was ahead of his time, not just with his writings, which impacted the writers and cultures that came after, but his lifestyle and mentality pushed the envelope for the human thought process. His writings contemplated the morality of man, leaving such a mental mark on the reader, as they are left to see Blake’s world blend into theirs after reading. These bold ideas that stemmed from Blake’s psyche, were that which outlined Lord Byron’s own view with the world. Byron created a character model of an individual that was more than that of man, curious, in search for endless answers, rebellious, questioning that which interacted with his soul, and persistent, which allowed the character to brace and venture into other worlds. This character in its own, is like Blake’s personality, who questioned everything from the powers that make up our world, to acknowledging the grand mechanics working around them giving astonishment and admiration to how nature can influence one’s thought in solitude. Blake wrote onto his own platform, etched plates, for these prophetic writings, symbolizing the sublime he brought into this world, with awe and wonderment through this visionary aspect, blending in the biblical aspect of this visual device. Lord Byron had his own character is such a light, being able to be a visionary while facing terror in other worlds, bringing shock to the reader, while showing the broken and asymmetrical thoughts of a rough and…

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