Literature During The Romantic Movement

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Literature during the Romantic Movement was quite different. This shift was most prominent in European countries. Similar to the visual arts, the literary Romantic Movement rejection restraint, objectivity and rationalism. Now literature was based on themes of melancholy, mysticism, and the life of the common people. In Romantic literature the authors drew connected between the physical world, spirituality, and intellectual thought. Past movements highlighted the lives of nobles, describing angelic scenes of beauty and wealth. The Romantic era captured people and landscapes that were more remote in time and place. This is all done through various writing techniques. The Sublime, a motif in the Romantic Movement, can be observed time and time …show more content…
Lord Byron utilized Narrative poems to elevate the aloof, anti-hero into a romantic character. Bryon strives to incorporate the sublime in all of his pieces. In his romantic poem, Child Harold’s Pilgrimage, “he writes of his wish to ‘mingle’ his ‘soul’ with the mountains, the ocean and the stars,” (Shaw). In this poem Byron shows a great interest in the connection between the terrifying aspects of nature and human beings. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, an under lying subtext is “society’s valorization of beautiful” (Fredricks). The creature in this story is ostracized because of its appearance and the only place he is safe and can voice his struggle is in sublime settings. John Keats wrote odes and other poems that emphasized beauty and the experiences humans go through. As a man who suffered from total deafness, his love for mankind, gave him the power to continue writing. This passion can be seen in his poem When I Have Fears, “Never have relish in the faerie power. Of unreflecting Love--then on the shore. Of the wide world I stand alone and think, `Til Love and Fame to nothingness do sink” (Keats). Keats feels alone in this world being deaf, but he is able to see the endless beauties that our world holds, much like an ocean that he is standing on the shore of. These Romantic writers reached a new level of profundity through their use of the

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