Essay on Analysis Of Burwell V. Hobby Lobby

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Burwell v, Hobby Lobby is a court case that resulted from an issue that addresses the necessity of closely held corporations supplying birth control to its employees through their health insurance. The argument in this case is regarding the mandatory requirement to supply coverage for birth control. Hobby Lobby feels the mandate will also cover birth control options that also includes the abortion pill, which is used to terminate pregnancies. Hobby Lobby opposed to this idea due to their religious beliefs and felt that their employees should not be able to use their health insurance provided through Hobby Lobby to purchase birth control. They believe that they should not be required to supply such coverage for birth control if it violated their beliefs, which they should be protected from under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Free Exercise Clause. Hobby Lobby, along with two other closely held Christian family owned corporations believe that a life begins as soon as it has been conceived. Such beliefs can complicate the mandate due to the fact that if a Christian owned company feels that birth control would complicate their beliefs, this federal law would be violating their religious rights. The opposing argument here is that the birth control would be an individuals choice. This mandate would also not cause a financial strain on insurance companies required to provide this coverage for employees. Yet, with that being said, the court decided to agree…

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