Analysis Of ' Burn My Heart At Wounded Knee ' Essay

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"Burn My Heart at Wounded Knee" is a very intense look into what the Native American 's went through in the late 1800 's as whites attempted to "civilize" and assimilate them. The events of the movie, like the events that took place in real life, were incredibly brutal and some scenes were difficult to watch. For the most part, I think this movie was not so much intended for entertainment as it was to give a glimpse into the horrors of American and Native American history, as it is based on the book by the same name that is a history of Native Americans in the 1860 's and 70 's. While this movie focuses particularly on the Sioux tribe, Charles Eastman, and Sitting Bull, it is mostly representative of what Native Americans went through as a whole. Of course, all movies take some creative liberties in order to make them more "interesting" to their viewers, but "Burn My Heart at Wounded Knee" is actually rooted in a lot of history. The main character of the film, Ohíye S’a, or Charles Eastman, was a real man, and the majority of his story that was told in the film is all based in fact and real events of his life. The filmmakers definitely did their homework and tried to make this movie as historically accurate as possible. That being said, a lot of what happened during the time this movie is set was horrendous, and that is definitely reflected in the movie. Seeing this movie undoubtedly impacts the way I have read about these events. It is one thing to read about children…

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