Analysis Of ' Bloody Andrew Jackson ' Essay

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Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is a show that is worth watching because message was good, the atmosphere/tone was appropriate, and the plot was logical. It wasn’t the greatest act to watch, however there are some elements that make this show worth the watch. This show was about our President Andrew Jackson’s history, but told in a punk rock/rock and roll theme. Even though the theme is incredibly unorthodox, the theme is something the audience must get used to in order to see the appeal of the style of the show. The play was told through the narration of a History Professor that, in the beginning, seemed infatuated with Andrew Jackson.
The plot was accurate to the history of Old Hickory. There were modern day jokes added to the story to make it seem more Rock-n-Roll like. The manner of Rock Stars tend to be portrayed as aggressive and or sexual, so the jokes were a fantastic addition. The story flowed logically and the emotions of each scene were played out very well. The climax of the play would be when Andrew Jackson and his Native American friend had a long and emotional discussion of having the Indians either die or leave the states and move to the west. There was a new stasis at the end of the play and it’s Jackson alone and shamed as the “American Hitler” instead of a President that changed America for the better. The stasis is not an old stasis because he was a man of ambition and accomplishments in the beginning, not a discredited man. The plot was linear and…

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