Analysis Of ' Bless Me Ultima ' Essays

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Bless me ultima is a novel with a foundation of family religion and tradition. Antonio is a young boy who had the task to decide who he wanted to be in life and what he wanted to do in the future. As a young child he lived up to what his parents wanted, but he never thought about what he really wanted to strive for until he met Ultima. She shaped him to be a brave and descisive fellow. He was destined to be a great man with a great future awaiting his arrival. Througout his years he experienced many difficult descisions in which he had to choose who he wanted to be in the future. Antonio encounters many problems in this novel but the most difficult one was definately his choice of future job. Antonio was a boy who grew up in a very religous family on the part of his mom’s family they were very loyal to their religion and they profoundly relied on it to get them out of any ditch. Antonio’s mother urged him to follow his holy religion and she pushed his mind into wanting to become a preist. She wanted him to be the opposite of what his older brothers were and especially what his dad was. Antonio’s dad was a farmer who lived up to the family name as a farm worker in the llano. According to Maria, Antonio’s mother, Antonio was in no way going to become anything other than the server of God. A loyal and happy preist. On the other hand Antonio’s father wanted his son to keep the Marez, family name. He wanted him to become a proud owner of his very own farm, he wanted him to be a…

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