Please Don T Bury Me Alive Analysis

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After watching Please Don’t Bury Me Alive, Zoot Suit, Real Women Have Curves, … and the earth did not swallow him, Bless Me Ultima and Walkout my perspectives on Chicano Cinema entirely became different from the impression I had before, on the subject. I had heard of the word Chicano before and knew that it is associated with being Mexican-American but I had no extensive knowledge of all that applies to being a Chicano, Chicano history, culture, heritage and what is considered a Chicano film. I know my roots and where I come from but sadly I was never schooled about The Mexican American Civil Rights Movement. Now that I am aware of this significant life event of the 1960’s with the stated purpose of achieving Mexican American empowerment I …show more content…
The story of “Bless Me Ultima” takes place in Guadalupe, New Mexico also knows to as an Indo-Hispano village. New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanics residents and that helps with considering this film a Chicano film. Antonio’s mother is devoutly Catholic which has to do a lot with why Antonio’s idolizes Virgin Mary. This shows the cultural values that his mother has passed to him. Ultima is a curandera, who understands that life and spiritually can be viewed in different and equally valid ways. The Catholic church does not recognize her mystical powers, but still Ultima attends mass frequently. Curanderas are very popular in Mexico and Latin America so this topic of a healer and spirituality reflect Mexican heritage, tradition background. The dialogue or language used in this film fit perfectly and makes the audience appreciate and understand more the influence of culture on identity. Without giving the story and ending away, “Bless Me Ultima” certainly is about pride and prejudice. The controversy between faith and beliefs in a modern world makes this film

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