Analysis Of Bei Dao 's At The Sky 's Edge Essay

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From Beginning to End and Back Again: An Analysis of Cycles in Bei Dao’s ‘At the Sky’s Edge’

At the end of Süskind’s Perfume, Grenouille realizes how much he actually hates people and decides to return to Paris where he allows himself to be torn to pieces and consumed by those drawn to his perfume. Grenouille was born to a fishwife that left him and many other illegitimate infants die, but unfortunately Grenouille was rescued and lived a life void of love and emotion. Grenouille turned out to be the abomination the narrator foresaw, murdering young girls to perfect his human perfume. Ironically, he comes back to Paris after realizing how much he hated humans. To finally feel true emotion he allowed himself to be consumed by those that are despicable like his mother. The cyclical journey of Süskind’s Grenouille is similar to how Bei Dao incorporates the motif of cycles in his poetry to convey the importance of man fostering a balanced relationship with nature, the certainty of death and rebirth, and the sense of loyalty associated with love.
Dao expresses his idea of the importance of man fostering a relationship with nature in, “A State of War,” a poem that challenges the way nature is normally described. The first quatrain begins with Dao pairing destructive military imagery ironically with peaceful, beautiful aspects of nature. For example, he uses the bombing to describe how the “sunlight,” hits, “the sea with saturation,” and immediately readers realize that, although…

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