Essay on Analysis of Bbc at the Time of Greg Dyke

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EMBA Organisational Behaviour Coursework – Analysis of BBC

1. Analyse the culture of the BBC at the time that Dyke took over. To what degree is it facilitating the success of the BBC?

The BBC was set up in 1922 as a public service broadcaster. The BBC quickly became a household name and played a part in shaping British culture. Company culture is the values and beliefs shared by the members of a ‘group’ and the BBC is a ‘group’ which has both internal (BBC employees) and external (general public) members. The BBC is financed by a TV license fee paid by each household and represents the cultural artefacts: the concrete aspect of the BBC which is its ability to maintain its ‘independence and impartiality’ (Keys,
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Gaining trust is essential after the tabloid attack due to share issues and history of working in the private sector. While Dyke is able to overcome these issues it is essential that he is transparent at all times and shows empathy to the public service ethos on which the BBC is based.

3. The organisational members that Dyke encountered on his walkabout were “despondent, down, and dismayed”. What underlying problems contributed to this lack of motivation?

Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory can be used to analyse the underlying problems which caused the BBC employees to feel ‘despondent, down and dismayed’. Herzberg suggests that motivation will be enhanced by maximising the motivator factors and minimising the hygiene factors (Stilbiger, 2005). There are three main categories people can sit within an organisation when referring to overall motivation: a) dissatisfied and de-motivated, b) not dissatisfied but not motivated and c) positively satisfied and motivated. To move those who reside under categories a) or b) it is essential to understand what hygiene and motivational factors are lacking and attempt to rebuild.

On Dyke’s ‘walkabout’ of the BBC outside of London it became apparent that when he asked the question ‘how can I make a difference?’ that the issues were

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