Analysis Of August Wilson 's ' Fences ' Essay example

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August Wilson’s play Fences was written during the time of racism which lead to deferred dreams, and deferred hopes. Troy Maxson is the husband to Rose Maxson and they share one child Cory Maxson however, Troy has a son from another woman and a little girl from a recent affair with a woman named Alberta. August Wilson’s use of dramatic irony helps provide the readers with full awareness of Troy Maxson and his intentions without Rose being aware yet. Throughout the story Troy is sought to be the tragic hero however, Rose is the hero. Rose is a symbol of a rose with no thorns. Rose allows her love to conquer the hatred and obstacles that encounter her. Rose’s use of diction when speaking, and her tone while discussing, display that she is a graceful flower with no flaws. The mother of three children (two of which are not hers) provides readers with awareness of her character and morals. In the beginning of Act 1. Scene 1. Troy is discussing with his friend Bono about a woman. The two men discuss about whether or not Troy is with her and Bono is aware while Troy is telling him to mind his own. August Wilson provides this scene and dialogue because we are instantly aware of the conflict that will arise later on in the play. Wilson provides this as nonchalant as possible without providing too many details because he is trying to get the action rising. Through Troy’s actions and diction we are aware he is a man concerned solely on himself and doesn’t care about his family, or his…

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