Essay about Analysis Of ' August Pullman '

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August Pullman only desire to be a normal ordinary boy entering fifth grade, but he has a facial deformity that most people find repulsive. He suffered from 27 severe craniofacial surgeries at birth. Despite his many facial surgeries, he doesn’t look or will ever be normal. This is an inspiring story of a boy, his family, his schoolmates, and principal and how they adjust to August deformity and his attempt to be a normal fifth grade student at Beecher Prep Middle School.
In August English class, his teacher Mr. Browne had written on the chalkboard in big letters, P-R-E-C-E-P-T, which he asked every student to write down on their paper; Mr. Browne asked if anyone knew what the word precept meant. No one raised their hands, so Mr. Browne said precepts are rules that mean really important things. Mr. Browne asked “so what are some really important things?” the class replies “Rules. Schoolwork. Homework. Family. Pets. Parents. The environment. Our world.” Mr. Browne noticed that no one said the one most important thing of all, “WHO WE ARE!” This was the most important thing, which Mr. Browne wanted to stress to the class. He explained the plaque that says “Know Thyself, ' "And learning who you are is what you 're here to do and of course English.” Mr. Browne had written on the board “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind” this was the month of September precept. Students are to write this on their paper every day, although every month will be…

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