Romeo's Dream In Antonio Essay

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Dreaming is an unknown phenomenon where illusions are materialized from incidents, beliefs, emotions, sensations and ideas. The deep rooted emotions and experiences surface from the soul in the rem of sleep. These disambiguations are usually seen as a bridge between an absolute reality and a distorted fabrication of the mind, however dreams have been perceived as a way of communication between a spiritual being and its subject in the unknown realm of mind. Sometimes these illusions may present themselves in a manner where the human psyche fails to comprehend its message, the fashioned mirage of the mind may occasionally serve as a glimpse of the foreshadowed future or a symbolic representation of a reality yet to present itself in the
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In his innocence he prayed the Act of Final Contrition for us, who were the outcasts of the town” (Anaya 243). Antonios future is foreshadowed heavily in this dream, when the deaths of Lupito Narciso and Florence occurred, he was present. They were all rejects of the society, Narciso was a drunk, Lupito was the crazy war veteran diagnosed with PTSD and Florence was the boy who spit at God's name, however Antonio was the only one who saw them for their true selves. These traits in Antonio resemble of a humble and astounding leader. The dream advances forward and we see these three figures of his dream destroy all that was source of his faith. He sees Cico (the boy that showed him the Golden Carp) spear the pagan god, which conveys the message of the Golden Carp being mortal and withering from his future. Then he sees Ultima’s death, Antonio states “ He pointed to the hills where Tenorio captured the night-spirit of Ultima and murdered it” (Anaya 244). This particular part of the dream foreshadows that Ultima will indeed die by the hands of Tenorio, it is also foretold that Ultima won't be directly shot but the Night-Spirit which was the owl will be shot. In the ending Antonio ends up crying to God directly instead of river, which implies that in the future his path will lead him to the front steps of the

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