Essay about Analysis Of Anton Chekhov 's ' Gooseberries '

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In the story “Gooseberries,” Anton Chekhov continues his three story trilogy about the adventures of Ivan Ivanich Chimsha-Himalaisky. The central excerpt from Chekhov’s trilogy is his famous work “Gooseberries.” In the story, Ivan and his accompanying friend Burkin are hunting in the wild when it begins to rain. The duo then seek shelter in a nearby town in the home of a younger and hard working man named Pavel Konstantinovich Alekhin. After the three meet, the story progresses and many deep thoughts and provoking ideas arise. Various different authors and critics have dabbled in the true meaning behind this work. With so many people taking shots at what the meaning and mood behind Chekhov’s work, there is bound to be a difference of opinions. There are countless articles online of people referencing their own individual take. Of these, two scholarly and noteworthy articles come from “The Guardian” and “” While these sites differ in opinion slightly, both deliver a solid take and opinion on “Gooseberries.” It is hard for someone to talk about “Gooseberries” without talking about happiness. Happiness is a huge theme throughout the story and if a focal point when Ivan discusses his brother. Both of the articles and myself agree that happiness is a pivotal notion that Chekhov intended us to ponder. Aswell, both articles take that stance Nikolai 's contentment and happiness angers Ivan. This is evident from this quote, “Ivan sees Nicolai 's happiness as warped,…

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