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Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island country in the Americas, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of two major inhabited islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and a number of smaller islands (including Great Bird, Green, Guinea, Long, Maiden and York Islands and further south, the island of Redonda). The permanent population numbers about 81,800(at the 2011 census) and the capital and largest port and city is St. John’s, on Antigua.
The country is nicknamed “Land of 365 Beaches” due to the many beaches surrounding the islands. Its governance, language, and culture
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The Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE) is a regional securities market established and licensed under uniform regional legislation governing securities market activities. It was designed to facilitate the buying and selling of financial products, including corporate stocks and bonds, and government securities, for the eight ECCB member states of the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States(OECS) –Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Exchange provides a facility for people to buy and sell securities, financial assets, including equities, i.e. shares in companies, and debt securities, which are bonds issued either by member governments, or by corporations within the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union-the eight member states of the OECS that are members of the Central Bank and use a common currency- the Eastern Caribbean
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Debt Securities issued by the government of Antigua and Barbuda:
Country Issuer Security Trading Symbols
Antigua & Barbuda

Issuer Description ISIN Trading Symbol
Gov of Antigua & Barbuda (Private Placement) 5-year 7.0% Treasury Note KN08033GAP39 AGN271119 Term Sheet

Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 3-year 6.75% Note KN08033NAC76 AGN060916
Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 10-year, 7.75% EC$5.5M Government Bond KN08033GAB43 AGG100721
Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 7-year 7.5% US$ Bond KN08033GAE80 FAG070720
Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 10-year 7.75% US$ Bond KN08033GAF56 FAG100923
Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 15-year, US$10M Government Bond KN08033GAC26 FAG150626
Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 7-year US$7.5M Bond KN08033GAH13 FAG070121
Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 6-year US$2.5M Bond - Private Placement KM08033GAM08 FAG071221
Term Sheet

Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 15-year, EC$5.0M Bond - Private Placement KN08033GAO63 AGG151029
Term Sheet

Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 15-year, EC$10.0M Bond - Private Placement KN08033GAQ12 AGG151229
Term Sheet

Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 10-year US$5.0M Bond - Private Placement KN08033GAN80 FAG100724
Term Sheet

Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 30-year, EC$330.0M KN08033GAD09 AGG300740
Gov of Antigua & Barbuda 5-year T-Note - Private Placement KN08033GAL25

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