Analysis Of Amy Tan The Opposites Of Fate, Mother Tongue

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In the essay by Amy Tan from The Opposites of Fate, Mother Tongue (2003 p. 20-23) she blends different forms of English to make it more relevant to most people and making the piece easier to read and comprehend. It has it proven that using blended forms of writing can make a successful piece. We tend to elaborate more when we know our audience. When we do not, we use more factual information and formal words. We also use formal methods to get our point across when trying to reach those in our profession, our family, and friends not so much. Using blended English will make your writing easier to read, comprehend, and reach a broader audience. In her essay introduction, she states “Don’t judge a book by its cover or someone’s intelligence by her English” (Tan, 2003, p. 20). Recognizing the forms of English used to speak to your family is very unique and knowing the difference can have a profound effect on writing. Tan was giving a lecture on her book The Joy Luck Club that …show more content…
It is clear that to reach a broader audience, using technical words and forms is not the route to go. Not just an essay but anything, reading this article was a delightful insight on how using blended English’s could make writing more interesting and definitely less complicated and, of course, easier to read. How we address our own family, friends, and coworkers is all in English, yet varies on so many levels. Speaking with your friends and family your conversations tend to flow easily and free like the tone of this essay. Most of us all speak to our family very different than with our friends and coworkers; this essay makes you realize how different in any one single conversion, essay, or writing English could be (Tan, 2003). Using blended English will make your writing easier to read, comprehend, and reach a broader

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