Analysis Of Amazon 's ' Earth 's Largest Bookstore ' Essay

800 Words Oct 21st, 2016 4 Pages
As Amazon began its first stages of production, their original slogan: ‘Earth’s largest bookstore’ was quite a statement. Amazon starting with a high goal in mind but, soon after launching the company, surpassed their own expectations. The company went beyond turning into the ‘Earth’s largest bookstore’, it has turned into one of earth’s largest distributor of goods. Amazon has expanded to a corporate empire that has sales encompasses anything from books to videos games to kitchen appliances. More than just being the primary reason most bookstores have closed, Amazon is now attacking the retail market. From countless years of using this site personally, there never seems to be an end to the amount of new products uploaded constantly. There is no end in sight for Amazon, as it continues to expand and reach further, by constantly acquiring other websites and companies to contribute towards Amazon’s distribution of products. Where before, one could not imagine a world without bookstores prior to Amazon’s launch, now one must begin to comprehend not seeing major retail stores, such as Target or Best Buy. At the rate that it is going, Amazon has the very real possibility of taking out the direct human interaction between the customer and the retailer.
The thought of retail stores not being found on every street, readily available for a last minute item pick up, is very possible in the near future. With drones in the sky now, online orders can now be delivered in less than thirty…

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