Analysis Of Alex Flinn 's Breathing Underwater Essay examples

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Abuse is a central part of Alex Flinn’s Breathing Underwater, the character Nick Andreas Is found guilty of domestic violence and as a result, must attend counselling to come to terms with his demons. An abuser is a person who sexually assaults, makes painful torture by hand, violence or emotion. These offenders regularly and habitually abuse other persons or those in relation to the individual, especially life partners in practical. Sometimes people use coercive and abusive patterns of behaviours with their partners thinking they can develop a dominating position, strong control and power in their relationship. There are certain categories of abuse, that is, they may abuse their partners for money, emotions and feelings, for sexual and for physical dominance. Sometimes one partner may abuse other by giving threats of life, physical torture or isolation or even intimidation.
Women are more common victims of abusive behaviour; like in Breathing Underwater, Nick abuses his girlfriend Caitlyn. An important fact to understand about the abusive individual is that when he or she starts abuse and domestic violence toward his opposite sex life partner, it shows that they are trying to create some serious situation toward a larger pattern for control or dominance (Tepper 178-190). If we properly judge the behaviour of an abuser, it gives us a proper message that this behaviour is going to create an unrest situation in the whole society so it should not be tolerated at any cost;…

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