Analysis Of Alan Moore 's V For Vendetta Essay

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Visual Analysis Essay:
A look at the picture specific panels in Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta
In Alan Moore’s graphic novel V for Vendetta, the characters Evey and Eric Finch, are placed in individual simulations of the Larkhill Resettlement Camp that the titular character V had been previously held in. Their foray into the mind of V, and what motivates him, is shown as a universal experience that both Evey and Finch share. Their new found comprehension of V’s world view ultimately propels the characters’ overall developments. In Scott McCloud’s, Understanding Comics, the author attempt to provide an analysis of graphic novels. By using Scott McCloud’s examination into comics, one can get a better understanding of Evey and Finch’s character evolution.
V is an enigma for both the reader and the other characters, more specifically, for Evey and Finch. Both Evey and Finch are desperate to know more about V beyond the Guy Fawkes mask that he wears. Evey is interested in V’s true identity because she wants to view V as a person and not just a symbol of anarchy. In one point in the novel, Evey asks V if he is her estranged father. The line of questioning shows Evey’s desperate attempt to latch onto someone, even if it means having a violent anarchist as her father. Finch, on the other hand, wants to understand V in order to apprehend V and prevent him from disrupting the status quo. Moreover, Finch wants to humanize V and devalue V as a symbol of change. Finch does not want to…

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