Analysis Of Al Sayid Al Furati Essay

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1) Al-Sayid al-Furati begins his dialogue, Summary of the Causes of Stagnation with what numerous scholars believe to be the causes of the (then) current stagnation of the Muslim religion. He states that, in his list to follow, the religious causes of stagnation have been divided into fundamental causes, and derivative causes. Based on his list, and based on the fact that this is a fictional dialogue in which Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi has outlined himself, al-Kawakibi’s vision of a true and ideal Islam is revealed. al-Kawakibi’s ideal Islam would be an Islam that strictly follows the Prophet Muhammad’s original ideology. In other words, al-Kawakibi believes that one should follow the Quran, strictly follow through on their daily prayers, and offer no room for leniency or, in other words, laziness in their faith. This is proved in his fundamental causes regarding the “Religious Causes” of the stagnation of Islam. For example, al-Kawakibi, speaking through al-Furati, states that “the abandonment of religious tolerance and leniency in religious practice” (153) has caused stagnation. In other words, he believes that they have not been dedicating themselves to their religion as the Prophet originally intended. Furthermore, they have also been “neglecting the wisdom of the community, the Friday [prayer], and the hajj [pilgrimage] assembly.”(153) al-Kawakibi is bringing their “sins” to light, in order to prove that their lack of faith has caused the stagnation of their religion.…

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