Analysis Of Air Force One

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Air force one documentary First of all, I picked a documentary call “Air force one”. Air force one is named of a planes, and this aircraft is only served one person that is the president of the United States. Other than commercial airline, Air force one have to get ready all the time to take the president anywhere around the world that he wants to go. Sometimes Air force one have to facing many problems, such as bad weather and dangers air space. The main points of the documentary were showed some secrets about air force one to the audience. I picked this documentary for many reasons, I like the logic that this documentary used, this documentary followed time order and events order to voice the main point. Next, the credibility of this …show more content…
Air Force One "thick armor covering the body can withstand the shock wave of a nuclear bomb explosion; on all the windows are installed bulletproof glass; there is a plane within the automatic ejection means can be started automatically in case of emergency, the President of the bomb to a safe landing place. Strictly speaking, "Air Force One" is a symbolic title, the US Air Force in the interior, it does not distinguish between the type and number of aircraft, as long as the US President 's plane, are collectively referred to as "Air Force One." That is as long as it is part of the US Air Force aircraft, whichever frame, as long as the US President to ride, from the moment boarded the plane, namely the plane referred to as "Air Force One". The credibility of the documentary was real. However, some people did not believe it was real, but according to the news, each time when the president had mission to visit other country, air force one follow him all the times. Also, the one of the reason I liked this video is I find out a lot of secrets of air force one that other people never heard about it. Such as Air Force One "thick armor covering the body can withstand the shock wave of a nuclear bomb

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