Analysis Of After Apple-Picking By Robert Frost

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In the poem “After Apple-Picking” by Robert Frost there is a complex message as most poem or works of literature do. In this specific poem there is a message of death or the thought of death and how the narrator feels about how his life was lived and when his own personal end will come. As he thinks his life was to repetitive and not as he wanted it since he is just a simple apple picker. In the pome Robert Frost mentioned “Long ...Or just human sleep” (Apple-picking 42) as the “Apple Picker” continues with his everyday life, as it continues to conform him to a repetitive life and thinks to himself is he really living.
The author of the poem, Robert Frost was not a religious person “Frost explicitly announced that he was not in any way religious”
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“Of apple-picking: I’m overtired” (Apple-picking 28) in the narrator's life he himself even realizes that all good things must come to an end as the more “jobs” he does the less time he gets as he will get more tired. One can say that with just theses few things that Robert Frosts writes is that the he thinks that life is a job that has to be done and each job will soon lead you to the end and when you get to the end there is nothing but darkness and nothing but that. But it would contradict the fact that Robert Frost’s religious ideals, for even others say “Frost… [is] among the most Biblical poet’s in language and story”. (Fraggen 18-19) You could say that maybe Robert Frost’s ideas were mixed with different ideas. I can conclude that even though it may seem as he may not have any religious connections in his poems there is a deeper meaning behind everything. Throughout the poem the narrator or the character in the story can be seen as a reflection of Robert Frost himself as he is the reflection his ideas on paper in the form of art. Furthermore, more comparisons can be made as each apple that he picked could be an important task in his life and as he indicates “ten thousand fruit to touch” (Apple-picking 30) he is the one doing the job and we are the apples, ones learning about philosophy, his philosophy. Continuing, he then implies he will not let us down as to disappoint us with a work that is unfit to be read or

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