Analysis Of Adele Laurie Blue Adkins 's Zodiac Sign Essay

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Adele was born May 5, 1988 her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins her zodiac sign is Taurus and she was born in London, United Kingdom She was the only child of Penny Adkins, an "arty mom" who was just 18 at the time of her birth, and a Welsh father, Mark Evans, who left the family when Adele was only 4 years old. Adele went to school at the performing arts BRIT School. Her first two albums 19 and 21 earned her a big place in the music industry setting high records for herself. She received a couple of Grammys in 2011. Her two hits were Rolling in the Deep and Someone like You which went international. Going even deeper into Adele had a huge appreciation for classic American R&B and jazz when she released the record it was a crazy hit it sold 352,000 copies within the first week now imagine how many copies were sold throughout the years. Despite all these comments people like Adele still pull through and make it motivation for themselves. Shaming is known to bash somebody 's name and make them feel horrible about themselves. For perfect example when she released her new album 25 and came back looking better than ever people were amazed and shocked
Adele’s dad stay in touch with her until her teen years until her turned to a bottle. He had an alcohol problem and due to that their relationship started to fade away. After that Adele grew closer to her mom and her mom made her want to strive for new thing her mom told her that she shouldn’t settle for less she should explore…

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